Corporate Finance

Como se constrói confiança quando tudo está constantemente a mudar?
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Our approach to M&A starts before the opening of negotiations and continues after the deal is closed;
    • We provide buy and sell side representation and advice on a broad range of transactions including mergers, acquisitions, sales, divestitures and other restructurings;
    • As buy side financial advisors we work closely with clients throughout the M&A process, from target search and screening phase until closing. We identify, screen and evaluate potential targets. We initiate contact with target owners and get negotiations started. We coordinate target due diligence, advise on strategy, timing, structure, pricing, and assist in negotiating and closing transactions;
    • The question isn’t whether to do deals but how to do them so that they create sustainable value. Many companies are in a position to use M&A as an integral part of their global growth strategy, plan for opportunities long before they arise, and build a repeatable acquisition model honed through frequent and continuous deal making. Few events unleash as much opportunity to create value as a well-conceived and well-executed transaction. We partner with clients to maximize the success of their M&A activity.