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We will help you improve your results and achieve long-term and sustainable success
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With a working experience in strategy and management in multinational and listed companies (…)

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We first assess your requirements and provide guidance, control and direction to ensure that you identify (…)

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Together we can achieve extraordinary results. With our relentless desire to solve problems, we will help you (…)

Helping our clients to implement solutions to complex business problems through specialized know-how in management, finance, economics, configuration and development of processes and IT, to enhance results and achieve sustainable and long-term success.

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We work where our client needs us. We have the capability to provide global support and also work remotely.

Our initial meeting with you is free. The objective is to understand your company and business, your needs, your project goals, timetable, budget, scope, and other issues. Then we agree a commercial rate with you. Typically, this is based on an hourly rate appropriate to the service we will provide. If you prefer we can also agree on a fixed fee for a given specific scope of work. Our experience is that you will be able to recover our costs through the impact we make on the profitability and performance of your business. Once we start a project, we are fully committed to deliver results, create and maximize value to your company. If you are looking for a professional adviser who does high quality work and inspires trust, please contact us.  

We can help almost any legitimate business. To give you an example, our expertise falls into the following industry groups: Telco, Real estate, Tourism, Retail Products, Family offices, Agriculture, Industrial Products, Logistics and Transports, Automotive, Services and Health.

Yes. Once we have agreed to proceed with the services we can sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement, to protect both parties from disclosure of confidential information. Besides, our standard contract also provides protection that covers most circumstances.

As most of our clients wants to work on strict confidentiality, we cannot divulge information about them.

If your company needs help we believe you cannot afford not to hire someone to help you, as typically it will only get worse, not better. It may be the investment that saves your company. But in those situations, you need to be careful in hiring someone who can really deliver valuable, practical and actionable guidance to help your organization make the most out of its assets. That’s why our first meeting with you is free, because we need to discuss first your problem to validate if we can help always considering your particular situation. Also, our proposal will include an estimated timelime and fees, so you will never be surprised with our bills.

In most of the times yes, we can start providing our services straight away, but it will depend on our projects pipeline in each moment.

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