Management planning and control

  • We help companies to implement and improve management control tools and support the decision-making process in:
    • KPI’s definition – defining criteria in the selection and evaluation of the quality of the indicators is critical given their importance in the scope of management control, because, as a result of their analysis, decisions are made and action plans are defined in order to pursuit strategic objectives;
    • Deviation analysis – create tools that identify deviations in accounts between homologous periods and in relation to the budget in order to understand the causes that originated them and take corrective measures in a timely manner;
    • Budget Control – prepare the company’s annual budget in detail and carry out a control analysis monthly, increasing the efficiency of the process;
    • Implementation of a management control system based on the defined KPI’s and the monthly accounting information based on the company’s financial information system such as the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow Statement;
    • Creation of regular economic and financial reports, in a perspective of temporal evolution, detecting strengths and weaknesses and proposing measures to overcome them.
  • We also support in the review of operational processes and the implementation of performance improvement programs in the different phases:
    • Process identification;
    • Documentation of the process;
    • Identification of possible improvements to increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

We also advise on the implementation of appropriate IT solutions customized to each case